BCA-Building Careers - Build Knowledge and Jobs

On-going sector transformation

Singapore’s Built Environment (BE) sector is moving from one that is more knowledge-based and productive to one that is technologically advanced.
New processes and technologies are leading the way towards safe working conditions, cleaner and quieter construction projects that will minimise disturbances to existing neighbourhoods.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one such technologically improvement that moves from two-dimensional (2D) drafting towards three dimensional (3D). BIM allows stakeholders across the entire project to explore planning and design digitally through the project’s entire lifecycle.

Technological transformations such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) will help to revolutionise the entire development and construction process, towards the Building & Construction Authority (BCA)’s vision for Singapore’s built environment – safe, quality, sustainable and friendly.

Scholarship/ Sponsorship programmes

To help attract talent and equip them with future skills, BCA has in place a comprehensive and relevant suite of programmes to build up the workforce at all levels.
These programmes have been designed to help talent become a part of the rewarding BE sector as top-notch building professionals that aspire to create, transform and leave a legacy.
Scholars or sponsored students are given ample opportunities to contribute to the community with meaningful and innovative work and also gain overseas experience for project work.

Initiatives by BCA and industry partners

BCA and its industry partners have introduced initiatives to further enhance the BE industry and build on its prospects.
The ‘Pledge for a Better Built Environment Workplace’ and ‘Green and Gracious Builder Scheme’ both aim to improve manpower management practices so as to improve working conditions through emphasising on employee engagement, staff welfare, retention and training.
These initiatives work towards retaining talent, raise construction management standards and also drive the wider adoption of green and gracious practices in the industry.