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What is iBuildSG Club?

The iBuildSG Club is a club for students interested in or are curious about Singapore’s Built Environment (BE). The club introduces students to the BE sector through exciting and engaging activities such as learning journeys, workshops, competitions and more! These activities are designed to expose students to different aspects & careers of the BE sector, as well as the industry’s transformation efforts.

Who can join the iBuildSG Club?

All interested students from local schools (Secondary Schools, JCs, ITEs, Polytechnics and Universities) are welcome to join the iBuildSG Club!

How can I join the iBuildSG Club?

If you would like to join the iBuildSG Club, please request for your teacher or lecturer to nominate you for the Club by writing to BCA_iBuildSGClub@bca.gov.sg.

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For queries regarding the iBuildSG Club or its programmes and activities, please write in to BCA_iBuildSGClub@bca.gov.sg.