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The Built Environment (BE) sector is innovating for the future and promises diverse opportunities for those who want to build on their ambition. With sustained construction demand and overall sector transformation, the sector will offer many exciting career opportunities beyond 2030 - Explore the Prospects and the Built Environment Scholarship and Sponsorship Programmes available. 

If you are seeking an exciting, fulfilling career, be sure to visit the Built Environment Career, Education and Training Fair 2018 where you can find out about BE career opportunities and related courses from participating industry firms and local institutions.

Do join us at the Physical Career Fair on 24 March 2018 (Saturday) with different participating firms too! 

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Physical Career Fair
 24 Mar 2018

The Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for Construction sector was launched in October 2017. The Construction ITM envisions an advanced and integrated sector with widespread adoption of leading technologies, led by progressive and collaborative firms well-poised to capture business opportunities, and supported by a skilled and competent workforce offering good jobs for Singaporeans.
Recognising key global trends which impact the sector such as the digital revolution, rapid urbanisation and climate change, the ITM identifies Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), as well as green building as key transformation areas to address the challenges faced by the sector.
IDD, enabled by Building Information Modelling (BIM), fully integrates processes and stakeholders along the value chain through advanced info-communications technology (ICT) and smart technologies.
DfMA moves traditional onsite work offsite into controlled factory environment and designs upfront for ease of manufacturing and assembly to improve quality and productivity. A controlled environment allows greater automation, leading to higher productivity and quality, while creating new and better jobs in the factory. The onsite installation process becomes more efficient and leads to a cleaner, quieter and safer site with better working conditions.
Green building design, sustainable operations and maintenance will become increasingly important and is an area of strength to be built in the sector to meet both domestic needs and global demand.
For more information on the Construction ITM, please click here or the image below.



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