1. BCA is not obliged to ensure that the information you submit through or the contents you post on the website at www.buildingcareers.gov.sg (the "Website") is /are not disclosed to any person or organization.
  2. BCA reserves the right to disclose the abovementioned information or contents to any party as required and/or permitted by law.
  3. BCA has no control over the manner in which any third party uses the information / contents submitted through or posted on the Website.
  4. BCA shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information or contents submitted through or posted on the Website, or for any misrepresentation in relation to the information or contents submitted or posted.
  5. Users shall indemnify and hold BCA and its officers harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party arising out of their (the users’) information or contents submitted through, posted on, or otherwise made available through the Website.
  6. BCA shall have the sole discretion to establish limits concerning use of the Website, including and not limited to, the number of days that postings or content shall be remain uploaded in the Website. BCA shall not be held responsible for any consequence arising directly or indirectly from deletion or removal of such postings or content.

Apart from those specifically mentioned on our website or in our official correspondence, we are not affiliated to any person, organisation, group, movement or digital platform, whether local or foreign. Any individual, organisation or group claiming to be affiliated to us does so without our knowledge or permission and does not represent us.

If you are aware of any individual, organisation or group claiming an affiliation with or endorsement by us and/or using such a claim to raise funds or to advertise their events, please inform us immediately via BCA_BEcareers@bca.gov.sg.

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